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My partner ANAÏS CHAUVEAU was born in Tours (France) in 1981. She came into contact with the restaurant world early in life as her aunts had a restaurant on the outskirts of her home town.
Attracted by this world she decided to study hospitality and catering (Hospitality centre in Blois) where her passion for this profession grew. This became her impetus to continue to work towards her degree in international hospitality management and restaurateur in Bordeaux.
By combining studies and hard work she reached such grand places as the Rendezvous De Pecheurs Hotel (1 Michelin star, Blois), Beau Rivage Palace Hotel (Lausanne Switzerland) and the L‘Abbaye École de Sorèze Hotel (Tran) until she reached the Racó de Can Fabes (3 Michelin stars) where we met and she fell in love with this country. We spent some time in Leon where I worked in the Vivaldi Restaurant (1 Michelin star) and from there we moved to France to set up our first joint project, it went well, we had a mention on the Michelin guide but the idea was always to return and settle here.
He always had a special attraction to the kitchen and took his first steps in a professional kitchen with Jordi, a family friend, where he fell in love with the profession. Afterwards, he went to Barcelona where he combined his studies in hospitality with his job in the Barcelona Hilton.  With this period over he left to train under some of the best chefs in the country: Manolo de la Osa (Las Rejas, 1 Michelin star), Javier Nuñez (el Portalón, Marbella) Andoni Luis Aduriz ( Mugaritz, 2 Michelin stars) Josema Martinez (Guggenheim), and Santi Santamaria (Can Fabes, 3 Michelin stars), in whose restaurant we met.
In 2004, Pau returned to Javier Nuñez to found a new project called “Barandal” where he had the opportunity to start up a business from the beginning. After 2 years we went to France to look for new challenges. After a short time in Perpiñan, we moved on to Tours where we took over the restaurant Moulin de la Planche.

Our need for a personal project where we could bring out the best in us and in our love of Priorat led to the opening of the “Els Tallers” restaurant in 2008.
We feel that we are also our family members, friends, ex bosses and fellow sufferers without whom we would not be here today.
A special mention goes to our current team and to everyone who has at some point collaborated with us.