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Vilalba dels Arcs is a town surrounded by fields of vine and olive trees, by this we can enjoy  a good oil  it trims off lower branches of and excellent ideal wines with typical plates of our region.
Places of interest:
- The porches of the Place of Villa.
- Parochial church of Sant Llorenç where it emphasizes his main facade and its bell tower of 40 meters. 
- Hermitage of St. Pau with its natural stone ceiling.
- The houses museum: Casa Coll i Ca Silveri.
By Easter they fen a representation of the Passion by the streets of the population. Also we can enjoy the Romeria to hermitage of Berrús: the Saturday come off Easter.
Routes by Terra Alta:
The Via Verda is a tourist, cultural and sport proposal that follows part of the drawn up one of  old railroad, now asphalted, that united the populations of Tortosa and Puebla de Hijar. Itinerary crosses the mountain ranges of Pàndols and Cavalls, where still now there are virgin places practically where it is possible to enjoy the tranquillity and flood silence natura.
The Ruta de la Pau: Treats a circular itinerary that, making use of the signaling of the GR. and of the PR of the region, makes a route by the places that had more relevance during the battle of  Ebro. It begins and it finishes in Gandesa, happening through the Fontcalda, Prat de Comte, Bot, Coll del Moro, Vilalba dels Arcs, the Fatarella and Corbera Ebro, in a route of 74 kilometers that, if it becomes complete, can be taken upon maturity in twenty hours and twenty-five minutes (without telling to shutdowns nor rests).
The camí de Sant Jaume of  Ebro reunited the pilgrims that went to Santiago de Compostela, coming from the towns of the Mediterranean arc. ToTerra Alta, it crosses the municipal terms of the Pinell de Brai, Prat de Comte, Gandesa, Vilalba dels Arcs and Batea.
The Fatarella:
- Parochial Church of St. Andreu
- Chapel of the Mare de Déu de la Misericòrdia
- Hermitage St. Francisco
- Hermitage St. Bertomeu
- Chapel St. Pau
- Font de Sant Joan and of Bingaubó
- Perxes: They are envigados sections of street covered by means of with arcades with stone that formed when growing the houses upon the streets.
 - Cabanes: They are the most typical constructions and original of the term, feats with stone to pierce have return of tube and  they used like aixopluc and to dry fruit.