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Alt Urgell has an extensive and valuable cultural heritage that is in its most significant Romanesque. The churches of the region with over a hundred Romanesque elements, with examples as representative as the cathedral of Santa Maria, at Headquarters of Tavèrnoles Serni Sant to Anserall, and Sant Climent de Coll de Nargó, the three national monuments of historical interest artistic. Other churches are noted for their uniqueness San Martín de Ars, with its unique round tower, Sant Romà de Valldarques and the bell tower of Sant Martí de Bescaran, among many others. A quarantine of Alt Urgell monuments are included in the Roman road of the Romanesque route Pyrenean border. Special mention deserves the Diocesan Museum of Urgell, in the field, which stores and exposes important patrimonial treasures.

Currently, the County Council is preparing a Route Ethnography, which will include several thematic areas such as museum Nargó Raiers of Coll, that of Tuixén Trementinaires of the Vine and Wine Bar Pont, the Flour Mill Montferrer and the Well of Ice Oliana addition to the Museum of the Accordion and wool factory, both in Arsèguel and that are already open to the public for some years.

Alt Urgell remains very alive in their calendar of festivals, celebrations of various popular and traditional character. We can talk, for example, the stew of San Antonio in the Cathedral, at Headquarters and Caramelles Oliana Fat Thursday in Castellciutat, ranches Nargó Coll Carnival, Oliana Peramola Organyà and the Festival of Chariots in Organyà, the Accordion in Arsèguel Meeting and falling in Coll Nargó Rais. Although dance dances like the lefties in Castellciutat, the Ball Cerdà in the field, the Lancers Ball in Ball Pla Tuixén or in Alinyà. Another important historical representations of Caboet Arnaldet, Cape, and to Costoja Cercamón.

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