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                               From our understanding of gastronomy, two menus were born:

Arrels, is a short tasting menu made up of one appetizer, one starter, fish, meat and a dessert. All of the dishes are created depending on and in accordance with the season, and continually change and evolve every day. 35.00 € included VAT

(Re)-Creativo, This menu is an invitation to a tasting journey. Created with no complications it links the tastes of the current market to the diner.
It comprises of five salad creations, a selection of cheeses and a sweet creation.
We try to reflect everything we have learnt and our desire to continue learning daily without losing respect for the local produce and cuisine. 58.00 € Included VAT
The “Els Tallers” project was born in March 2008. The idea to settle in Siurana arose from our search for the perfect location in the marvellous region of el Priorat.

In the restaurant we try to reflect our idea of what is the ideal life: modern dishes without exaggerating and the use of local products, without closing the door on more exotic hues. Always with the same criteria, always fresh and seasonal.
In mid 2009, following this concept, we decide to eliminate the classic menu and keep just the daily menus. This choice allows us to ensure the use of quality produce and gives us the incentive to be creative with our dishes. The menus change and evolve daily.... so much so that we can say no-one, however much of a regular they may be, will have eaten the same dish twice, “unless specifically requested”.

In line with the kitchen, the wine list is focused on the denominations of the regions Montsant and Priorat.  We are taking our time, but our work is gradually bearing the fruits.  The wine cellars that we are slowly incorporating into our continually growing selection are visited by us one by one. This is not because we don’t trust the famous guides or the wine critics, but because we believe in a personal relationship with the producers. By having an understanding of their philosophy we can bring our clients closer to what we believe are the jewels in the crafts and gastronomy of the region