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The Siurana village is situated in a Triassic limestone area. The first prehistoric discoveries were of Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Bronze. Prior to this in around 120 AC it was inhabited by the Suessetans, Iberian people, who were later conquered by the Romans.
However, the land became inhabited after the Saracen invasion of 711 in the Peninsula. Siurana, occupied by the Arabs was a Wilayah dependant on Cordova until 1056 until it became a Taifa Kingdom.
In 1153 Siurana was re-conquered by order of the Count of Barcelona, Ramon Berenguer IV, headed by Bertran de Castellet, Ramon de Ganagot and other noblemen. Bertan de Castellet controlled the occupation and later became a marquis.

When Bertan de Castellet died, the territory was divided into four domains. The Entença Barony, The Cabassers Barony, the Cartuja de Escaladei Priory and the Escornalbou Barony.
The fragmentation of the land would later bring disharmony between the different Baronies. They weren’t always in agreement as to which side to take during the wars that affected the land.   (Mowers revolt, War of succession etc.).
Siurana currently belongs to the borough of Cornudella de Montsant.

The origin of wine in Catalonia is as old as its’ history.  Vines and wine were brought here by the Phoenicians and the Greeks via their business dealings throughout the Mediterranean.
The Priorat has always had a presence of wine and there are two wine producers in both Priorat and Montsant.
The Montsant wine region occupies 3.385 Hectares and it covers villages belonging to the old county of Prades and the Escornalbou and Cabaces Baronies. Its wines are round, powerful, velvety and high ranking.
The other wine region is that of Priorat which occupies 3,700 hectares and covers the land of 9 villages, the majority of which belonged to the manor of Sta. Maria de Escaladei. The land wasn’t easy to farm, it was stony and the area had a harsh climate. It is thanks to the presence of this stone called “llicorella” dark, round and shiny, that there are so many local wines.
The red wines that are traditionally made from the “garnatxa” and “carinyena” grapes are robust, with a dense and rich flavour and an intense aroma.
But the cultivation of the vines of the area is not just about history but also about modernity. By using the most advanced technology, the result is wine of outstanding quality that in the twenty first century is known throughout the world.
In our hotel we feel that the selection of wines, along with the gastronomy is like an immersion into the countryside of Siurana.
Therefore, we offer wines from Priorat and Montsant and a wide range of ecologic wines that reflect the character of the land and of the friends that produce them.