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The Girončs is located in the middle course of the river Ter and the corridor comprising the territories located between the Gavarres Prelitoral and Puig of Cadiretes, Rocacorba and Puig de Sant Roc. In the region of Girona we can find the virtues of all the Girončs and is a good example of its entrepreneurial spirit. Visitors can visit the production center of traditional clay in Quart, enjoy the scenic beauty of els Angels, the valleys of Sant Daniel and Llémena River. In addition, you can also find small towns with a special charm such us Madremanya, Canet d'Adri, Sant Martí de Llémena or Cervia de Ter.

The big attraction is the capital of Girona. The old neighborhood is proud of every one of the stones that wear their medieval facades. Live the Jewish quarter, the Cathedral, the Cathedral Museum with the Tapestry of Creation and the Beatus, the wall and the Film Museum. Stroll along the river bridges Onyar and enjoy the colors of the facades of the river. Passing through the beautiful Rambla or the Devesa Park in autumn can make a visit in Girona one of the best feelings of a traveler .

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