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THE COUNTRY HOUSE Hostalet is located 400 meters from the village of Lower Serrateix BerguedÓ.Ja existed in the fourteenth century, but suffered three changes in its structure importance in the years 1649.1701 and 1758.
Formerly called Sovereign Comellas and during the Carlist War was used as a hospital and took the name of Hostalet years later the house remained an inn and the village bakery which still exists.

THE Hostalet have always been careful with the natural environment that surrounds us, to enjoy them in futur.fruit of this effort, we worked to get the Emblem of Guarantee of Environmental Quality, which certifies the good environmental management activities in rural households.
THE Hostalet manages the separate collection of waste paper, glass, plastic, etc. and through a treatment plant, wastewater generated is debugged, the faucets and lamps are low energy, we have a system of solar panels to heat the hot water boiler and a gas of high performance and low emissions, all to minimize our impact to the environment.
A reception will find all sorts of information, brochures, maps, etc.del our environment and its main attractions.

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