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1.- L'ESQUERDA (Photo No 1): The site of the Left (s.VIII XIV century BC-AD) is part of the deposits of the Iberian route from June 2000. Therefore, you can visit this important medieval Iberian and following the new signs that it has implemented that allows a journey through all the spaces and structures of the most significant archaeological site.

2 .- ST.PERE OF CASSERRES-SAU RESERVOIR : The Sau reservoir is a reservoir belonging to the Ter River, created by a dam located in the municipality of Vilanova de Sau, and the foot of the mountain range Guilleries, which extends the terms of Vilanova de Sau, the Houses of Roda, Tavertet Corco and Santa Maria, in the county review article.
3 .- RUPIT-PRUIT: The Church of St. John of FÀBREGUES and its castle are documented since 968. Towards the twelfth century came Rupit inhabited by people of noble families. In 1878, he left the church Rupit depend FÀBREGUES San Juan in 1959 and the town came to be called Rupit. In 1977 joined the municipalities Rupit and Pruit.

4 .- TAVERTET: Tavertet is a town in Catalonia, Spain. Belonging to the province of Barcelona in Osona, located south of the sub Collsacabra, within the area of Guillerías, and over a rock beside a cliff overlooking the marshes Sau , Susqueda and distant mountains of Montseny viewpoint that serves a landscape full of Mediterranean forests.

5 .- The Cingles of CABRERA: Leaving the mill Masarella and walk under the impressive cliff face leading down to reach Collet Cabrera Cabrera. From here a short climb along the road with costly steps and railings to reach the plateau of the Shrine of Cabrera, where you will visit. The more adventurous can go along the path to the summit of the Plan through a step Prat air and equipped with hooks and a railing or cliff without difficulty. Eating in the restaurant of the sanctuary. And once you're done for eating, down to the point.


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